Motorhome Parking in Bedfordshire.

The information is presented by local authority area.

Bedford Borough Council; Parking Page. No specific information provided but motorhomes used to be able to use Melbourne Street car park and maybe still can. The PDF for Melbourne Street says "This car park is suitable for heavy goods/commercial vehicles". If in doubt, check first. The council anticipates that it will publish information about motorhome parking on its website early in 2014 when a complete review of the parking pages, currently on the website, will take place (Stated 22 October 2013). In the meantime the best advice to anyone needing to park in the town is to make a specific enquiry before doing so. Park & Ride Page It used to be possible for motorhomes to use the P&R sites but barriers now prevent this. A statement was issued by the council on 31 January 2014: "I can confirm that the Borough Council was forced to bring in height restriction barriers at the Park & Ride and Prebend Street car parks. This decision was not taken lightly, or as a preferred choice but followed a number of encampments by members of the Travelling Community where many thousands of pounds worth of site damage was caused, together with fly tipping and soiling of the site with further high costs for removal of rubbish and hygienic cleansing. The Borough Council wishes to enable all of its facilities to be accessible to the widest possible customer base, but has to take appropriate action to protect those facilities for that customer base. We realised and accept that in doing so we have inconvenienced a small number of our customers. Each individual customer is equally important to us and it is regrettable that the unlawful actions of a few people have forced us into taking this action. I hope you understand we have to take decisive action to ensure that the vast majority of our users can continue to utilise our facilities, by reducing the likelihood of further unlawful, disruptive and antisocial behaviour.".

Central Bedfordshire Council; Parking Page. Includes motorhome parking information.

Ampthill Town Council; Home Page. The following reply was received to an enquiry made on 8 January 2016: "Our car parks are for people using the facilities at the time and therefore are not available for people to park motor homes."

Sandy Town Council; Parking Page. The following statement was received on 9 February 2016: "I can confirm there is nothing restricting motor homes parking in the car park during the day. There is no overnight parking though. The car park opens from 8:45am. With the exception of some disabled bays all parking spots are standard sized. Therefore motor homes may need to use two spots. The car park is quite busy Monday to Friday, but less so at the weekend. It is free car parking.".

Leighton Buzzard Railway, Page's Park Station, Billington Road, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire LU7 4TN. Statement 14 February 2014: "Given the size of some motorhomes, they would have to be treated in the same way as buses, i.e. by prior notification and agreement. The area allocated to buses is also used by customers with mobility difficulties, and on some days things get very tight. Contact is through 01525 373888, or We have an additional parking space, open on operating days, which serves mostly our volunteers working in the engine shed, and motorhomes could go there at busy times. It is, however, a bit of a walk to the station entrance. We would be delighted to have motorhome enthusiasts riding on our trains.".

Whipsnade Zoo, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, LU6 2LF. Parking Information. Response to an enquiry received 18 January 2016: "I can confirm that we can accommodate visitors driving mobile homes at Whipsnade Zoo if they are visiting the zoo. They would use the outside car park which is free and they would use the coach allocated spaces. They cannot use the car park once the attraction is closed.".

Luton Borough Council; Parking Page. There is no current facility in Luton for motorhome parking and the council does not foresee this changing in the future (Stated 28 August 2013). Even where there are no height restrictions the TRO imposes a maximum weight limit of 1.5 tonnes.

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