Motorhome Parking in Cornwall.

The information is presented by local authority area.

Cornwall Council; Parking Page; Motorhome Parking; Off Street Parking Orders. The following reply was received in response to a further information request on 4 January 2016: "I am in agreement with you that the majority of motor homes will fall within the definition of a Motor Car as defined within S136 of The Road Traffic Regulation Act, and are therefore permitted to use the majority of our car parks, unless height restrictions and lower weight limits are in place. A larger vehicle which still fits within the Motor Car definition but requires multiple spaces to park is required to purchase pay and display tickets to cover all the spaces occupied. With regards to what we consider to be a motor home and therefore not a permitted class of vehicle in certain car parks during the hours of 11:30pm 8am we have defined such vehicles within the 3rd Amendment to The Cornwall Council (Off-Street Parking Places) Order 2012, which came in to operation on 15th March 2013. The definition contained within this Amendment Order is as follows: Motor home means any vehicle constructed or adapted for use as a mobile place of sleeping accommodation. This definition has been worded so as not to apply only to the traditional motor home but will also cover such things as an estate car with a mattress in the back, this clarification is also included on the webpage that you have referred to.".
Park & Ride Page. Motorhome parking information for Truro P&R is published Here. Enquiries were sent to Falmouth Park & Ride/Float on 27 October 2014 and 3 January 2015 but no response has been received.

Bodmin Town Council; Parking Order, includes motorhome parking information.

Caerhays Castle & Gardens, Caerhays Estate, Gorran, St Austell, PL26 6LY. Statement 29 February 2016: "I can confirm that overnight parking is not allowed in our beach car park, which is locked up from around 8:00 pm. Day parking is of course fine, however depending on the size of the vehicle, the parking fee when applicable (e.g. summer months) may be increased to cover the extra space taken up.".

Eden Project, Bodelva, St Austell, Cornwall, PL24 2SG. Statement 10 February 2014: "We have dedicated parking for motorhomes within our coach park and if we receive an enquiry about this provision, we explain this to visitors. However, we have stewards guiding cars into spaces on our site, so there is little room for error as anyone arriving with a motorhome would be directed to the right area.".

Flambards Theme Park, Clodgey Lane, Helston, TR13 0QA. Statement 6 February 2014: "I can confirm that we have a bay in our car park for customers that are visiting us for the day which is suitable for motorhomes and larger vehicles. This bay is signposted as you enter our car park and it is very easily accessible. I have contacted our marketing team and they have replied to say that they will definitely be adding this information to our website to advise customers and they are doing their best to get it included before Easter.".

Launceston Town Council; Parking Page, includes motorhome parking information.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Pentewan, St.Austell, Cornwall, PL26 6EN. Statement 18 November 2015: "Here at Heligan we have no height restrictions and do have a dedicated caravan and motorhome parking area in our car park. We ask that their drivers follow our directions at our entrance. Overnight parking is not permitted. We've recently had a new website and are still adding the final touches to content. I've added your comments to our list of amendments and hope to have something in place within the next few weeks.".

Marazion; St Michael's Mount has parking for motorhomes at West End, see the Finding Us page.

Mevagissey; Willow Car Park is a private parking area where motorhome parking is available.

Millbrook Parish Council; Home Page. The following response to an enquiry was received on 13 January 2016: "Motorhomes can park in West Street car park and pay the standard parking fee".

Padstow Town Council; Parking Page, includes motorhome parking information in the order accessed via the link on the page. In response to an enquiry, the town council provided the following information on 13 November 2014: "Thank you for your enquiry regarding motorhomes in Padstow Town Council's Railway and Lawn Car Parks. Motorhome and camper parking is prohibited between 22.00 and 09.00. The use of our car parks for sleeping or camping purposes and for cooking purposes is also not permitted. Whilst the car parks are operational 24 hours a day, the maximum period for which vehicles may wait is 24 hours with an appropriate ticket. As a motorhome is not permitted to park between 22.00 - 09.00, it would not have an appropriate ticket for overnight parking. This principle also applies to coaches who can only park for 3 hours. Motorhomes are welcome to park in either car park during the hours of 09.00 - 22.00 and the most appropriate place is in the Railway Car Park where there are some specifically designated motorhome bays which provide extra space at no extra fee. Alternatively, motorhomes could park in Coach Bays but they would need to purchase a coach ticket and would therefore only be allowed to park for 3 hours. If these bays are full or the vehicle is in the Lawn car park a motorhome may park across more than one parking space, as long as it pays for the number of spaces used, displays all tickets and is not considered obstructive by the Parking Attendant on duty. At peak times when parking is difficult our Parking Attendants are always happy to assist drivers and the office contact number is available on all tariff boards for further help or clarification. We have also spoken with the operators of the Park and Ride, who run during busier spells, and they have confirmed that they do provide parking for motorhomes and campers.".
Padstow TIC lists Parking and Transport (including Park & Ride) under the Visitor Info tab.

Penryn Town Council; Parking Terms. Permitted vehicles are cars, invalid carriages, and motorcycles only.

Polperro. Various tourism web sites indicate that motorhomes may be parked in the privately owned Polperro Car Park but that charges are pretty high as a result of having to pay for two bays.

St Just-in-Roseland Parish Council. Information initially received in March 2010 and updated on 17 November 2015.
Camper vans are welcome in the St Mawes long stay car park; the charge is per space taken up - 3.50 per Day per space. No over night camping is allowed. Mid July and August are the busiest times and the Car Park tends to fill up by about 11.30 am. There is a Car Park Office next door to the Roseland Visitor Centre, both of which are happy to help and answer any question you may have. Penalty tickets are now applied by CPOs from Cornwall Council, so it is important that when parking you abide by the current regulations displayed on the car park. Please do not park on the bays marked Coaches only, its a sure way to get a parking fine!

Swanpool Beach, Swanpool, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 5BG. The following information was received in response to an enquiry on 7 March 2016: "It is possible for motorhomes to park on our car park during daytime hours (we charge 5 for motorhomes). However, wed like to make it clear that there is no overnight parking allowed on Swanpool Beach car park".

Tintagel Parish Council; Home Page. Statement 10 January 2014: "Tintagel Parish Council does not operate any public car parks. All car parks are privately owned or operated by Cornwall Council. At least two of the car parks, I believe have planning permission for overnight parking of motorhomes." There are, in fact, at least three Car Parks allowing motorhomes overnight are King Arthur's, Sword in the Stone and Mayfair.

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