Motorhome arking in County Durham.

The information is presented by local authority area.

Darlington Borough Council; Car Parks Page. Statement October 2013: "We do not have any restriction on a motorhome parking on street, but drivers of motorhomes should not park so as to cause an obstruction to traffic flow or pedestrians. In Council run car parks there is a prohibition on sleeping, camping, cooking or washing vehicles. Many car parks have a height restriction that would prevent a motorhome from entering, details on the web site. In all car parks a large vehicle may occupy more than 1 bay provided a ticket is purchased and displayed prominently for every bay occupied; this is explained on the web page. Chesnut Street car park does have an area for HGVs and coaches with large bays. A motorhome should not really use these spaces but can use the main part of the car park laid out with normal size bays.".

Durham County Council; Parking Page; Motorhome Parking Page; Park & Ride Page. Surface car parks (including P&R) allow motorhome parking.

Beamish Museum, Regional Resource Centre, Beamish, County Durham, DH9 0RG. There used to be parking information under Plan a Visit/Facilities including the wording "Free car parking is available for all visitors, including coaches and motor homes." but it has now been removed from the web site.

Dalton Park, Murton, Co Durham; Parking Information, All the parking spaces at Dalton Park are standard car size with the exception of the coach parking areas. There are no height restrictions. Persons driving motor homes onto Dalton Park are welcome when shopping – we would ask that they park in the “overflow” car parks – i.e. those furthest from the mall entrances. In my experience at most two spaces would be taken up. There is no long term or overnight parking allowed on site.

Diggerland, Langley Park, County Durham, DH7 9TT. Statement 6 January 2014: "We have no plans to add specific info about motorhome parking, but we have no restrictions in our car parks and motorhomes can certainly park up there".

High Force and Low Force waterfalls, Upper Teesdale. The car park at High Force is accessible by motorhomes. The Bowlees car park, near the path to Low Force, is not accessible by motorhomes as it is small and has overhanging trees on the entrance road. There is a small lay-bye opposite the path entrance on the eastbound side of the B6277 and one a short distance away on the westbound side. Alternatively, it is possible to park at High Force and walk along the field paths to Low Force.

Locomotion, Dale Road Industrial Estate, Shildon, DL4 2RE. Response to an enquiry received 27 January 2016: "I’m happy to confirm that we do allow motorhome parking during our opening hours at both the National Railway Museum in York, and Locomotion in Shildon.".

Raby Castle. An enquiry regarding motorhome parking was sent on 23 December 2013 but was deleted without being read.

Sedgefield Racecourse. An enquiry regarding motorhome parking was sent on 28 January 2014.

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