Motorhome Parking in Essex.

The information is presented by local authority area.

Essex County Council; Travel Information. No motorhome parking information is published on the web site. In response to a request for clarification of the South Essex Parking Partnership statement (see below) the county council stated (10th July 2014) "I believe that the South Essex Parking Partnership were confirming to you that any motor home parked on the highway must adhere to any parking restrictions in place the same as any other vehicle would. I think they were referring you to us in case there were any other regulations when parking on the highway in general where there are no parking restrictions in place. To my knowledge we do not have any areas or zones in the County which prevent motorhome parking specifically other than the seafront at Clacton/Holland-on-Sea where there is a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) in place which restricts overnight parking. It is my understanding that a motorhome is simply a vehicle which is subject to any parking restrictions that exist. Of course the matter of parking in a considerate manner or location (eg residential areas) is up to the individual motorhome owner.".

Essex Parking Partnership; Home page. On 28th February 2014 the South Partnership stated "The South Essex Parking Partnership is responsible for the enforcement of on street restriction and resident parking A motorhome cannot park on a restriction any more than any other vehicle. Resident parking bays also have a height and weight restriction and the details of these are on the Chelmsford City Council web site. If you wanted to know about the restrictions for a motorhome on the highway you would need to contact Essex County Council as they are the Highway authority.". A request for clarification was subsequently sent to Essex County Council with the result as noted above.
On 4th March 2014 the North Partnership stated "In terms of on-street restrictions for motorhome parking, all restrictions will be identifiable by signage at the specific location. Currently only Tendring District has a specific restriction on on-street motorhome/caravan parking. This is applicable on Clacton Seafront and a range of other locations - however again this is always specified on roadside signage if a restriction applies. In terms of publishing this information on our website - it is not possible to specify that restrictions apply in specific locations due to the many traffic orders and locations that have restrictions. We always advise motorhome owners if we receive queries, that they can park anywhere that current restrictions are not applicable in accordance with relevant signage.".

Basildon Council; Parking Page. Weight limits tend to preclude motorhome parking. The best advice to anyone needing to park is to make a specific enquiry before doing so.

Barleylands Farm Park & Craft Village, Barleylands Road, Billericay, CM11 2UD. The following statement was received on 2 March 2016: "We do allow motorhomes to park in our carpark but only if they are visiting the centre here at Barleylands.".

Braintree District Council; Parking Page. The council does not plan to add any information on the website about motorhome parking (Stated 30 September 2013). The 2014 off street parking order is unclear but appears to make no provision for parking of motorhomes. The best advice to anyone needing to park is to make a specific enquiry before doing so.

Freeport, Braintree, Essex. On 10 February 2014 the following statement was received: "We have two car parks with no height restrictions however, do not have dedicated motorhome spaces unfortunately.".

Brentwood Borough Council; Parking Page. Size restrictions in the TRO preclude motorhome parking in off street car parks.

Castle Point Borough Council; Parking Page. The Council has no plans to publish information on motorhome parking in the near future (Stated 7 October 2013). The best advice to anyone needing to park is to make a specific enquiry before doing so.

Chelmsford Borough Council; Parking Page. Information specific to larger vehicles, including motorhomes, is provided on the Car Park Terms & Conditions Page. Park & Ride Page. All three sites are height restricted so not usable by motorhomes.

Colchester Borough Council; Parking Page. The pages for individual car parks say whether motorhomes are accommodated. There are two - Britannia & Sheepen Road (under Town Centre Car Parks).
In February 2016 an enquiry to Dedham Parish Council regarding the car park at Mill Lane, Dedham was passed on to North Essex Parking Partnership as "Colchester Borough Council are in fact responsible for the car park.". North Essex Parking Partnership responded on 10 February 2016, saying "Motorhomes may park in the Coach Park which is next to the larger car park off Mill Road. Normal pay and display charges apply to Motorhomes. The maximum parking time in the Coach Park is 18 hours.".

Epping Forest District Council; Parking Page. Size restrictions in the TRO preclude motorhome parking in off street car parks.

Royal Gunpowder Mills. An enquiry regarding motorhome parking was sent on 23 December 2013.

Halstead Town Council; Parking Page. Statement 14 February 2014: "With regard to parking in the Butler Road and Chapel Street car park during the day, our car park order states: Classes of vehicles allowed to park in the car parks - All classes except HGV's and trailers. "trailer" means a trailer within the meaning of Section 136(1) of the 1984 Act and shall include a caravan and a boat. Vehicles must be parked within a bay. Maximum weight of 2 tons. No person shall use any part of a parking place, parking bay or any vehicle left in a parking place of parking bay: (a) for sleeping or camping purposes; (b) for cooking purposes.".

Harlow Council; Motorhome parking advice is available on the each of the car park web pages, the links for which can be found on the Travel and Parking Page. Also a search for the word motorhome using the website search boxes produces a list of the pages where the advice is detailed.

Maldon District Council; Parking Page; Motorhome (camper) information under Promenade Park.

Rochford District Council; Parking Page. Size restrictions in the TRO preclude motorhome parking in off street car parks.

Southend on Sea Borough Council; Parking Page. Within the Borough of Southend-on-Sea there are no specific Motorhome parking places. However, Seaway Coach/Lorry/Car Park is the only vehicle park that has the capacity for this type of vehicle. The Council is looking at its website as part of a review and we will look to include this information going forward. (Stated 20 September 2013).

Tendring District Council; Parking Page. There are no car parks where motorhomes are prohibited per se - only ones where the presence of a motorhome is restricted by a height barrier (details against each car park on the web site). Some car parks are free and some chargeable, in the latter payment must be made for each bay used. Tendring District Council does not permit overnight camping on car parks and therefore whilst it is permissible to park a motorhome overnight it would not be possible for any motorhome driver to sleep in the vehicle overnight. In summary it will be possible for motorhome drivers to discover which car parks they can use and whether there is a fee or not via the Council's website. Since providing this information the council has created a page giving information for motorhome parking Here.

Clacton Factory Outlet, Clacton on Sea, Essex. Free parking for up to 1000 cars.

Thaxted Parish Council; How to Reach Thaxted Page contains information about motorhome parking.

Thurrock District Council; Parking Page. Size restrictions in the TRO preclude motorhome parking in off street car parks.

Lakeside, Grays, Essex. Statement 11 February 2014: "Unfortunately we do not have the facility on site to cater for motorhomes, we do have height restrictions in some of our car parks and with our parking enforcement we would not allow anyone to be parked along multiple bays.".

Uttlesford District Council; Parking Page. Uttlesford District Council is not intending to to publish information regarding motorhome parking on its website (Stated 27 September 2013). The best advice to anyone needing to park is to make a specific enquiry before doing so.

Dunmow. There are rest areas both eastbound and westbound on the A120 south west of Dunmow.

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