Motorhome Parking in East Yorkshire.

The information is presented by local authority area.

East Riding of Yorkshire County Council; Main Parking Page; Parking Charges Page. Downloadable PDF for Bridlington Central Car Parks and Charges indicates that motorhome parking is allowed at Hilderthorpe Road; Bridlington Park & Ride Page. The council stated on 18 November 2013 "Since the introduction of Civil Parking Enforcement in November 2011, this Authority does not permit the use of more than one space per vehicle in off-street parking facilities even if two in line bays are used for a larger vehicle and two tickets are bought. Most off-street parking places cater for motor cycles, cars and light vans only and must be parked within the marked spaces. However, on-street parallel to the kerb parking bays are not marked into individual vehicle spaces and motor-homes can be parked on the street in any appropriately wide and long spaces provided no unnecessary obstruction of the highway takes place. They may also be parked in any town wherever and whenever there are no restrictions in force and no unnecessary obstruction is caused. The Park and Ride site in Bridlington has not previously prohibited larger vehicles and access has been available from spring through the summer to autumn. The Park and Ride site has been closed overnight on those dates it is open but is not open through the winter. Motorists should be aware that a barrier system is in operation and mindful of opening and closing times. More recently, however, a height barrier system is now being considered due to a current traveller encampment on the car park. Although this measure would prohibit motor-homes, the decision on whether or not to carry out this restriction has yet to be taken. For further clarification, the East Riding of Yorkshire Council does not have off-street parking places specifically available for motor-homes only. They are permitted in specific coach parking spaces in the off-street coach / car parks at Hilderthorpe Road in Bridlington and in School Lane in Beverley."

Beverley Race Course. An enquiry regarding motorhome parking was sent on 28 January 2014.

Freeport, Hornsea, East Yorkshire. An enquiry regarding motorhome parking was sent on 2 September 2013 but no reply has been received. Personal experience is that there is parking available for motorhomes in the overflow car park at the western end of the Freeport.

Hull City Council; Parking Page. Pages for individual car parks include details of any height restrictions; (Stagecoach) Park & Ride Page. No height restrictions so motorhomes can park there.

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