Motorhome Parking in Hertfordshire.

The information is presented by local authority area.

Hertfordshire County Council; Parking Page.

Broxbourne District Council; Parking Page. See note re lack of motorhome parking on the Car Parks page.

Dacorum Borough Council; Parking Page. Definitions in the TRO preclude motorhome parking in off street car parks.

East Hertfordshire District Council; Parking Page. There is a general weight limit for vehicles of 2,500 kg and all vehicles must be able to park within the bay markings but the car park in Old London Road, Hertford, which can accommodate lorries and coaches, may be used. The council has said it will amend the web site to show where motorhome parking is possible (Stated 4 September 2013). In the meantime, the best advice to anyone needing to park is to make a specific enquiry before doing so.

Hertsmere Borough Council; Parking Page. The council does not have any intentions at this time of putting motorhome parking information on the website as it "would give misguided information due to different heights of the motorhomes and the height restrictions in some of our car parks" (Stated 2 September 2013). Best advice to anyone needing to park is to make a specific enquiry before doing so.

North Herts Council; Parking Page. There are no special provisions made for motor homes across the district however they can use any of the council car parks if they fit into a single bay. The Woodside car park in Hitchin does have some larger bay's which HGV's and coaches use so this would be ideal for motor homes. On street parking bays can be used if they are big enough for motor homes to park. (Stated 13 September 2013)

St Albans District Council; Parking Page. The council is currently updating the website to include a section on parking for larger vehicles and vehicles with trailers. Hopefully the page will be up and running in late 2013. (Stated 23 September 2013). In the meantime the best advice that can be given is to make a specific enquiry of the council.

Stevenage Borough Council; Parking Page. Stevenage public car parks (most of which were constructed in the late 60's early 70's) were not designed to be able to accommodate the parking of motorhomes which is why there is no reference on the website to parking provision for these vehicles (Stated 3 October 2013). The best advice to anyone needing to park is to make a specific enquiry before doing so.

Three Rivers District Council; Car Parks Page (contains a note that none of the Councilís car parks has the facilities to accommodate motorhomes).

Abbots Langley Parish Council; Home Page. The following statement was received on 10 February 2016: "No there are no large vehicle car parking spaces at the Manor Lodge car park, this is a small car park that services the works depot, community centre and police station, as well as the village surgery. Additionally we have the Manor House Car Park, this is for users of the Manor House Sports and Social Centre, Cricket Club, and Recreation grounds¬ it is limited to valid tickets on 2 hours, no return in 3 hours, Monday to Friday 0700 to 1600 there is strictly no overnight parking or camping. The only larger bays are disabled bays for the buses that bring the children to the school opposite which is a special needs school.".

Watford Borough Council; Parking Page; The Car Parks Page used to contain a note that none of Watford's car parks have the facilities to accommodate motorhomes but this has now been removed.

Welwyn Hatfield Council; Parking Page. See note re lack of motorhome parking.

Welwyn Parish Council; Parking Page. The following statement was received on 9 February 2016: "We have now included information on the site as to those car parks which have height restriction barriers in place. We had previously not done this due to the rural nature of our car parks and their potential abuse and hope that now it is included they will not become targets. Without having clear details as to what limitations the vehicles have, such as maneuverability we can not provide more information than this. Where we have had contact from mobile home owners most have chosen to park on the residential streets and laybys locally which are not within our control but have proved to have far better accessibility.".

The Galleria Outlet Centre, Hatfield, Hertfordshire; The Parking Information page, which contained a note on large vehicle parking, has now been removed; best advice is to contact the centre before going.

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