Motorhome Parking - Isle of Man.

Where there are no notes against an entry for a council and no specific motorhome page link is given, the best advice is to contact the council before attempting to park.
Specific daytime parking for motorhomes is sparse. In many cases "motorhome parking" (see links below) tends to refer to camping rather than simply parking.

Isle of Man Government; Parking Page. The Department of Infrastructure owns 2 car parks in Douglas - Chester Street and Drumgold Street. Both are multi-storey so unsuitable for motorhomes. The Department is currently in the process of reviewing its website and will look into including motorhome parking information.

Arbory Parish; Home Page. An attempt was made to contact Arbory Commissioners in January 2014, using the web site contact form, but it received no response.

Braddan Parish; Home Page. Statement 19 August 2014: "I can confirm that Braddan Parish Commissioners have no provisions for parking camper vans/mobile homes within their Parish.".

Bride Parish. Statement 18 February 2014: "We do not promote any Motorhome parking facilities within the Parish.".

Castletown; Attempts were made to contact Castletown Commissioners in January and February 2014 but neither received a response.

Douglas Borough Council; Home Page. Information received 7 March 2014: "There is no facility at present for motorhome or other large vehicle parking in the Councilís car parks or on land owned by the Council. The Department of Infrastructure regulates on-street parking and at present, in theory, large vehicles such as motorhomes should not be utilising on-street parking.". Motorhome accommodation is provided at Nobles Park.

Garff; Home Page. New authority created by the merger of the former authorities of Lonan, Laxey and Maughold. Attempts were made to contact Laxey & Maughold Commissioners in January and February 2014 but received no response. Lonan, on 10 January 2014, stated: "I can advise you that there are no parking facilities in Lonan, which is almost entirely a rural Authority, and therefore no benefit in publishing such information.". The web site does, however, contain details of Laxey Camping where motorhomes are accommodated.

German Parish; Facebook Page. Statement 8 January 2014: "German is a small rural Authority, we do not own, run or have jurisdiction over any of the car parks within our Parish. The car parks are either owned by IOM Government or they are in private ownership. Similarly the roads in the area are owned and maintained by IOM Government.".

Lezayre Parish; Home Page. Statement 17 February 2014: "I read out your email to my Commissioners at our last meeting. They have asked me to advise that they are looking into this for you, and we will respond to you as soon as we have an answer."

Malew Parish; Home Page. Attempts were made to contact Malew Commissioners in January and February 2014 but neither received a response.

Marown Parish; Facebook Page. Statement 9 January 2014 "Glenlough Farm Campsite provides space for motorhomes. There is nowhere else off road in the parish and no suitable roadside location.".

Michael Parish; Facebook Page. Statement 17 February 2014: "Sorry no we are a small village and do not have Motorhome parking.".

Onchan District; Home Page. Information received 25 March 2014: Motorhomes are allowed to park in Car Parks 1 & 2 Onchan Park; Car Park to the rear of Commissioners Offices, Main Road, Onchan and Car Park adjacent to Youth & Community Centre, School Road, Onchan. Parking bays can accommodate a large car or van, therefore drivers of long-wheel based mobile homes would probably find some difficulty in occupying a bay with the distinct possibility of compromising the adjacent public highway with the over-spill of the body of the vehicle. An offence would be committed if the driver of a camper van parked in an area that was not specifically designated.

Peel Town; Home Page. Statement 18 February 2014: "There are no authorised parking areas in Peel specifically for motorhomes.". The web site does, however, contain details of Peel Camping Park where motorhomes are accommodated.

Port Erin; Home Page. Statement 21 February 2014: "There are no designated motor home parking areas in Port Erin. We don't have pay and display parking in Port Erin, it's disc parking and limited to a certain time depending on the area.".

Port St Mary; Home Page. Statement 13 January 2014: "Port St Mary does not have any designated motorhome parking areas and the use of multiple bays is not allowed in Port St Mary.". The Parking Order does, however, appear to allow motorhomes so long as they fit the definition of "Motor Car" under the IoM Road Traffic Act 1985.

Ramsey Town; Home Page; Camper Van Parking Page.

Rushen Parish; Home Page. Statement 17 February 2014: "Rushen Parish Commissioners do not provide any official parking for motor homes.".

Santon Parish; Home Page. Statement 8 January 2014: "I regret to advise that Santon is a very small rural Local Authority area with no public car parks and definitely no main road parking and there is the usual restriction on parking on the minor public roads, depending upon vehicle size and location. (Our minor roads are quite small). There are no public toilets to facilitate stopping and the locality does not lend itself to the parking of mobile homes. Tractors and combines need to move freely around the countryside with sizeable associated equipment and there simply is not room for large parked vehicles on these roads. In short, this Local Government Authority has no suitable location for mobile home parking and unfortunately we are unable to recommend or approve any parking places for mobile homes in the district but, of course, the public roads may be used by appropriately licensed and legal vehicles according to the terms of the Road Traffic Act.".

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