Motorhome Parking in Lancashire.

The information is presented by local authority area.

Lancashire County Council; Parking Page; Park & Ride Page. It is unclear whether motorhomes can use P&R sites; Google maps shows a height barrier at Walton le Dale but not at Portway. Lancashire County Council have no plans to publish motorhome parking information so it is best to make a specific enquiry before parking.

Blackburn with Darwen Council; Parking Page. See notes re lack of motorhome parking on the Blackburn & Darwen town centre pages.

Vaughns Country Cafe; Home Page. An enquiry made on 17th January 2016 brought a rapid response: "Thanks for the email, the answer to your question is yes motorhomes are welcome although I must add that the spaces are marked out and are quite narrow for a motorhome, this said there is a council owned car park right next to it which is not marked out. There is a further car park belonging to the pub (Royal Arms) and im quite sure that an arrangement could be made if required. Toilet facilities are open daily from 8.00 am to 5 pm in winter, 7 am to 9 pm summer this includes a disabled facility. If a motorhome turns up during the week a space would be easy to obtain however at weekend it would be difficult, I would assist in any way possible to help and encourage people to this wonderful part of Lancashire. ".

Blackpool Council; Parking Page. Motorhome Parking Page. Note that On Street Parking of motorhomes is banned (in controlled areas in the Town Centre and the Promenade).
Update received from Blackpool Council 25 August 2017: Banks St car park situated alongside North Station. Due to electrification works now being carried out on the rail line between Blackpool and Preston we have had to give up a sizable area of this car park in order to create a works-compound for this work to go ahead. Sadly, this means we have lost ALL coach bays that were situated alongside the railway, and also an area of car bays at the east end. This means there is now no Coach or Motorhome parking allowed at all on Banks St car park for potentially up to 18 months. Only cars are allowed and only car tariffs are available from the P&D machines at this site. We are recommending coaches and motorhomes to use Gynn Sqr or Foxhall Village as alternatives.
Google Maps shows a private car park on Lytham Road with a board outside saying Motorhomes Welcome. Charges may have changed since the photo was taken.

Burnley Borough Council; Parking Page. Includes note re lack of motorhome parking.

Chorley Borough Council; Parking Page. See note under Coach/Caravan Parking.

Fylde Borough Council; Parking Page; Motorhome Parking.

Hyndburn Borough Council; Home Page; The web site contains no useful parking information (even for cars) and the council has no plans to publish information relating to the lack of parking provision for motorhomes.

Lancaster City Council; Parking Page includes a link to a PDF Motorhome Parking Guide.

Pendle Borough Council; Parking Page, includes a note about lack of parking for motorhomes. The Traffic Regulation Orders (which can be accessed on the Traffic Penalty Tribunal web site via the link at the bottom right of the page and typing Pendle in the search box) refer to campervans, but for the purpose of enforcement this equates to Motorhomes.

Preston City Council; Parking Page. Most car parks have a 2 metre height restriction. the exception is the Hill Street facility, which is a surface car park that does not have a height restriction due to service access requirements by a dray wagon. Located in the city centre, the Hill Street car park is a short stay facility with 70 parking spaces and payment for parking would be on a space by space occupied basis. Hill Street Car Park Page see note regarding payment for each bay occupied.

Ribble Valley Borough Council; Car Parks Page. See notes under each car park regarding motorhome/large vehicle parking, height barriers and requirements to pay for multiple bays.

Rossendale Borough Council; Parking Page. Rossendale Borough Council has no current plans to publish motorhome parking information on its website. The best advice that can be given to anyone needing to park a motorhome is to check with the council before doing so.

South Ribble Council; Parking Page. The council intends to publish motorhome parking information on the web site when it is updated shortly (stated 3 September 2013). Further statement received 12 February 2014 following enquiry as to why information had not been published: "We do not have the facilities to offer motorhome parking. Some of our car parks do have a small number of larger bays, so as long as vehicles fit between the lines and motorists pay and display there is no problem, although cooking and showering are prohibited under the conditions of our car parks. If you think it would be helpful I'm inclined to agree that there should be something on our website to let people know either way. I will arrange for this to be done as part of our next round of website updates.". Until information is published it is best to check before parking.

West Lancashire District Council; Parking Page. The council intends to provide specific information for motorhome parking on the web site in due course. Motorhomes may be parked on any of the Council’s pay and display car parks as long as the vehicle’s unladen weight does not exceed 3,500kg or its length exceed 5.0 metres and can park within a marked bay.

Wyre Borough Council; Parking Page; Motorhome Parking Page.

Freeport, Fleetwood, Lancashire. Ample FREE car parking is available at Freeport Fleetwood with 700 car spaces and 10 coach spaces. On 10 February 2014 the following statement was received: "We have no restrictions on the height or width of vehicles for our car park. There may be issues with parking across multiple bays during busy periods but that would be more about finding 2 or more spaces together rather than a restriction imposed by the centre."

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