Motorhome Parking in Leicestershire.

The information is presented by local authority area.

Leicestershire County Council; Parking Page; Park & Ride Page. Height barriers are present at all entrance/exit points. The clearance is 2.05m (6’ 8”) at Birstall and Enderby, 2.1m (6’ 10”) at Meynell’s Gorse.

Blaby District Council; Parking Page. Vehicle size limits in the TRO appear to preclude motorhome parking in off street car parks. There are currently no plans to publish Motorhome Parking information on our website, and the Council was not aware that the parking of Motorhomes was an issue within Blaby District. However, publishing this information will be considered when our Parking Strategy is reviewed in the future. (Stated 4 October 2013). Best advice in the meantime is to contact the council in advance of trying to park.

Charnwood District Council; Parking Page. Charnwood Borough Council does not currently offer any spaces specifically for Motorhomes in its public car parks and there are currently no plans to update our website information. The council may allow large vehicles to park across two bays in the pay and display car parks: providing 2 parking tickets were displayed, it does not cause an obstruction and the vehicle is parked safely. However it would always best to phone ahead and check with council officers for further advice. See Here.

Harborough District Council; Parking Page. Motorhomes may only park in off street car parks if they fit into the parking spaces, though size limits in the TRO also preclude the parking of many motorhomes. The council will add this information to its web site. (Stated 3 October 2013). The council has since revamped its web site but has failed to add anything about motorhome parking (noted 3 December 2014).

Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council; Parking Page; Parking - long or high vehicles (includes motorhomes).

Leicester City Council; Parking Page. See county council entry above for park & ride. Height and bay size constraints prevent motorhomes from parking in most car parks. Motorhomes may be able to use Lee Circle (over-height vehicle park) but this is operated by NCP, not the Council, so check with NCP first. The council is undertaking a review of its parking strategies and policies at present. It is anticipated that revised information will be produced and appear on the website by Easter 2014. (Stated 13 September 2013).

Leicester Race Course. An enquiry regarding motorhome parking was sent on 28 January 2014.

National Space Centre, Exploration Drive, Leicester, LE4 5NS. If someone is visiting the Centre for a day trip in their motorhome they are advised to make contact in advance via with date of their visit etc. to help their visit run smoothly. That enables the Centre staff to ensure they are advised in regards to a suitable area within the car park (or coach park depending on size of the motorhome) especially if the Centre is hosting a special event. This information is then passed to the Security Team to ensure there are no issues. The Centre would rather that it is contacted before a visit to prevent any difficulties with car parking spaces.

Melton Borough Council; Parking Page. Motorhomes may park over two bays as long as they are parked within the lines, purchase tickets for each bay used and do not cause any obstructions to other vehicles or pedestrians. The only car park with a height restriction is Scalford Road pay and display.

North West Leicestershire District Council; Parking Page. Stated 3 December 2013: "The authority have no plans at this time to introduce a Motor home parking policy. All car parks have height restrictions 6'6'' and barriers, if vehicles park over two bays they would be expected to pay for both. All these restrictions are within the orders on the web site."

Oadby & Wigston Borough Council; Parking Page. The only car park the council would discourage motorhomes parking in is Spring Lane as it is quite compact and manoeuvring may be difficult. All the other car parks have no restrictions on them at present. Currently there are no plans to publish information regarding motorhome parking on the Council website however the council will review this. (Stated 3 October 2013).

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