Motorhome in Lincolnshire.

The information is presented by local authority area.

Lincolnshire County Council; Parking Page. The Lincolnshire Coastal Country Park website includes a page giving information on car parks in the area. This page has now been updated to show which car parks have height barriers, and how high these barriers are. It is of course fine to park in laybys and on the street, according to the existing laws and restrictions. (Stated 13 November 2013).

Boston Borough Council; Parking Page. Statement 7 December 2015 "Parking for motor homes is available in St Georges car park. You need to pay for the number of bays used up to a maximum of 4 bays."

East Lindsey District Council; Parking Page; The council used to have a Motorhome Parking Information Page explaining why motorhome parking had been restricted in Skegness because of unauthorised camping but that has now been removed; The TRO and schedules accessible from the Parking Information Page define where motorhomes can park in the district as a whole. The Interactive Car Parks Map Page shows locations.

Lincoln City Council; Parking Page; Motorhome Parking.
Lincoln Leisure Vehicles dealership advises that people can park at its site whilst enjoying Lincoln. See Here.

North East Lincolnshire Council; Parking Page. At present there are no plans to publish motorhome parking information. The Council may consider publishing details concerning the parking of motorhomes in future but is unable to provide details of timescales. (Stated 7 October 2013). Motorhomes used to be able to use the Grant Street, Cleethorpes car park but the best advice that can be given is to make a specific enquiry of the council before parking.

North Kesteven District Council; Parking Page. Statement November 2013: "Having given some thought to which car parks in Sleaford would be most suitable here are the two: Eastgate Car Park, Eastgate, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, NG34 7DT and East Banks Car Park, Boston Road, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, NG34 7HH. In addition the Council operates Whisby Natural World which is on the outskirts of Lincoln and is a good visitor attraction. Here a motor home could fit in the coach parking area. There are no height restrictions and the address is: Whisby Natural World, Thorpe on the Hill, Lincoln, LN6 9BW. Where a vehicle takes up two spaces then the tariff for each space would be required.".

North Lincolnshire Council; Parking Page. Statement 15 October 2013: " When the webpages are next updated we will make reference to parking for motorhomes.". Until the council does update the web site the best advice that can be given is to make a specific enquiry in advance of trying to park." When the council web site was checked on 19 June 2015 there was still no direct reference to motorhomes. However, the conditions of use given for individual car parks state "If you park any vehicle which takes up more than one bay you must purchase one ticket per bay occupied. Display all tickets on the windscreen of the main vehicle."

South Holland District Council; Parking Page. The Council intends to put details in respect to parking motor homes on the website but has not yet scheduled an exact date. In the meantime the best advice is to contact the council before attempting to park.

Springfields Outlet Shopping, Spalding, Lincolnshire. Statement 10 February 2014: "We have three car parks on our site and the largest one is the West car park. This is generally where motorhomes park whilst visiting our Shopping Outlet. Our car parks are all controlled by entry barriers.".

South Kesteven District Council; Parking Page. The only car park in Stamford in which motorhomes can be safely and legally parked is the coach area of the Cattle Market Car Park, and the fee for parking is 10 per day. Unfortunately no such spaces are currently available in the Grantham car parks. (Stated 8 October 2013). Cattlemarket car park now has height barriers so motorhome parking is no longer possible.

West Lindsey District Council; Parking Page. Statement October 2013 "We are currently in a period of transition regarding the future of some of our car parks. Depending on the outcome, it may or may not be possible to accommodate motorhome parking in the future. In the meantime we can accommodate larger motorhomes in our North Street car park in Gainsborough, providing a ticket is purchased for each bay or part of bay occupied. For motorhomes that can fit into a single bay, any of the car parks could be used subject to the usual operating terms and the height restriction in the Beaumont St car park. The Market Rasen car parks are free to use and may also be used for motorhome parking. Once the situation is resolved, we would aim to add this to the website.".

Market Rasen Race Course. An enquiry regarding motorhome parking was sent on 28 January 2014.

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