Motorhome Parking in Merseyside.

The information is presented by local authority area.

Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council; Parking Page. There are no current plans to publish specific information on the website about motorhome parking. Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) on all Council-operated car parks in Knowsley prohibit use by any vehicles other than cars, motorbikes and light goods vehicles (max 2.1m height, 5m length and 2000kg unladen weight). The majority of our car parks also have entry/exit points that are unsuitable for vehicles larger than those described above. However, whilst our TROs are drafted in such a way that motorhomes would be excluded from our car parks, if a motorhome owner has a particular wish to park up in Knowsley, then they may contact me (, replace at with @) and we will endeavour, but not in any way guarantee, to provide a space in a suitable car park or similar location, subject to the understanding that there are no facilities such as water, toilets or waste disposal points available.

Liverpool City Council; Parking Page. Liverpool City Council does not have any plans to introduce any pay and display facility or any special parking facility for motor homes in the city so there is no information to publish.

Aintree Racecourse. An enquiry regarding motorhome parking was sent on 28 January 2014.

Albert Dock, Liverpool; In response to an enquiry a representative of Albert Dock said (18 September 2013) "Unfortunately the parking bays on the Albert Dock estate are only designed for your average size vehicle so cannot accommodate motorhomes but our neighbours can. I'm not sure what their policy is as regards parking overnight but they have room for motorhomes. The area is called Kings Waterfront and is adjacent to our estate".
Kings Dock supplied the following information. Motor homes can park on Kings Dock. We have car parks with standard 16x8 ft spaces. Anything bigger would need to use the Coach parking bays. The Estate is private land in the ownership of Homes and Communities agency. CBRE Ltd are the appointed managing agents. Our security/CCTV control room 24hr and is based at Wapping Tower and we can be contacted on 0151 707 0120. Also by email Motorhomes wishing to park overnight should contact the control room, Extended stays contact nos will be required. The web site has a number of links to other occupiers of the site which contain details of all attractions and both car and coach parks tariffs.

Liverpool Marina used to have a blog post entitled Touring Camper Vans Welcome but it had been removed when a check was made on 10 August 2017.

Sefton Council; Parking Page. No specific information is provided but notes for individual car parks indicate where vehicles such as horse boxes can park. Anyone needing to park is advised to make a specific check with the council first. The council has no plans at this time to publish information specific to motorhome parking on the website.

Southport Pleasureland, Marine Dr, Southport, Merseyside PR8 1RX. Statement 16 July 2015: "We have no restrictions in our main car park and regularly have motor homes that stay in our car park for overnight parking. Our seasonal rate for motorhomes is 10 per night.".

St Helens Council; Parking Page. See note re lack of designated motorhome parking provision Here; best advice to anyone needing to park a motorhome is to check with the council before doing so.

Haydock Park Race Course. An enquiry regarding motorhome parking was sent on 28 January 2014.

Wirral Council; Parking Page; Motorhome Parking Information.

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