Motorhome Parking in Norfolk.

The information is presented by local authority area.

Norfolk County Council; Parking Page; Park & Ride Page. The council recommended that motorhomes use the Sprowston, Harford or Costessey sites as there is more space.

Blakeney Parish Council; Parking Page. Statement 7 January 2014: "The signage at the entrance to the Village Hall Car Park (Langham Road) advises patrons that motorhomes are not permitted to be parked overnight (they can, however, park free of charge in the car park during the day.). The Carnser Car Park, (Quayside) has a full pay and display tariff and lists all options, including motorhomes, although no overnight parking for any vehicle is permitted. Coronation Car Park, in the High Street, is very small and not the easiest to get to; the free to all site has no limitations but it would, in reality, not be suitable for any large vehicles, even the occasional builders vans are sometimes really to large and then make it difficult for every day cars.".

Breckland Council; Home Page. The Council has no immediate plans for publishing motorhome parking information (Stated 29 August 2013). The parking order can, however, be found on the TPA web site linked from the home page of this site. Best advice to anyone needing to park is to check before doing so.

Broadland Council; Parking Page. Car parks are designed for shoppers' parking and so are not really appropriate for motor homes to park safely. (Stated 27 September 2013).

Bure Valley Railway, Norfolk. Postcodes - Aylsham station is: NR11 6BW or for Wroxham station: NR12 8UU. Motorhome parking information on the How To Find Us page.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council; Parking Page. The council does not publish specific information for motorhomes (though height limits are published where applicable) but has stated that if motorhomes can fit within the confines of the parking bay they can park there. (Stated 1 November 2013).

Great Yarmouth Race Course. An enquiry regarding motorhome parking was sent on 28 January 2014.

Kings Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council; Parking Page. See notes for Motorhome Parking in Hunstanton and Kings Lynn (see foot of page).

Downham Market Town Council; Home Page. The following statement was received on 9 February 2016: "The Town Council is responsible for the following car parks in Downham Market: Town Hall Car Park; Old Fire Station Car Park; Paradise Road Car Park; Hollies No. 1 & 2 Car Park. None of these car parks have designated spaces for motorhomes or larger vehicles. Town Hall Car Park – Motorhomes would not be able to park on this car park as it is a small area and they would not have the ability to manoeuvre in and out of the spaces. Old Fire Station Car Park – the back of this car park has ‘goal posts’ that only allow cars to park as the surface is brick weave and we had to be sure that no overweight vehicles park on it as they could damage the surface. Hollies No 1 & 2 Car Park – there are currently no restrictions being enforced on the parking of larger vehicles but again I would advise that because of the lay out of the car park it would be extremely difficult to park. Paradise Road Car Park is the only one with a possibility of parking, but again no allocated spaces for the larger vehicles.".

North Norfolk District Council; Parking Page. Includes motorhome information; Runton Road in Cromer was recommended by the council previously.

Fakenham Race Course. An enquiry regarding motorhome parking was sent on 28 January 2014.

Happisburgh Village; Parking Page. Includes motorhome information for parking in the Community Car Park.

Norwich City Council; Parking Page. Definitions in the TRO preclude motorhome parking in off street car parks.

South Norfolk Council; Parking Page. Definitions in the TRO preclude motorhome parking in off street car parks.

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