Motorhome Parking in National Parks.

Note: The sizes of national parks mean that not all car parks within their areas will be owned by the National Park Authorities.
Even where a sign bears the name of the national park this might just relate to the location rather than the ownership.
If making enquiries about a specific car park, therefore, it is wise to establish ownership before doing so.
It is also worth bearing in mind that some NPA car parks are accessed by narrow, steep and winding roads which some drivers may find a challenge.

Brecon Beacons National Park Home Page. 15 November 2013: The NPA is currently setting up a new web site. It is also reviewing the car parks under its ownership or management, and is due to complete assessments of them by the end of the year. Once the work on the website and the car park review are completed the NPA will look at placing a page on the website setting out its policy on motorhome parking in the car parks. This will now be in the early part of 2014, the aim being to get it up and running in time for the Spring season.

Cairngorms National Park Home Page. Cairngorms NPA neither own nor manage any car parks in the National Park. Car parks across the National Park are owned and managed by a variety of agencies and organisations including: five local authorities; Forestry Commission Scotland; National Trust for Scotland; RSPB; Crown Estate; Highlands and Islands Enterprise and private businesses and estates. Enquiries regarding a specific car park should be directed to the owning/managing body.

Dartmoor National Park Home Page. Motorhomes and Camper vehicles Page.

Exmoor National Park Home Page. The National Park Authority has no plans to produce independent information at present. Your website gives a comprehensive list of the local authority areas that the National Park covers (Devon and Somerset County Councils and North Devon and West Somerset District Councils) and they are responsible for the content of their websites as you indicate. We are not responsible for the principle car parks or any management arrangements in the main settlements within the National Park. Thank you for contacting us an we will monitor the situation and review our plans as appropriate. (stated 2 December 2013). The NPA has a Camping Page which indicates that only recognised sites may be used.

Lake District National Park Home Page; Motorhome Parking Page.

Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park Home Page; Byelaws; Camping (includes details of where motorhome facilities can be found).

New Forest National Park Home Page. Statement 27 November 2013 (via the Forestry Commission): "The New Forest has 135 Forestry Commission car parks and all are accessible by motorhomes. This means that they have a hard gravel surface and parking for a minimum of 10 cars. At bigger sites there are up to 140 car parking spaces. Please be aware that they are Forest car parks and so may have low tree branches but all have a minimum access width of 4mtrs.". On 7th May 2015 the New Forest Recreation Manager at the Forestry Commission confirmed that "None of the 135 Forestry Commission car parks within the New Forest have height restrictions".

Norfolk Broads National Park Home Page. 9 December 2013 - the Authority is gathering the information re motorhome parking and will publish it on its website.

Northumberland National Park Home Page. Statement 9 January 2014: "Northumberland NPA Car Parks Page provides a list of car parks, the number of spaces and grid references. We also encourage people to consider supporting local businesses throughout the National Park that provide accommodation and facilities for caravans, tents and motor homes by using recognised sites, hence we do not allow overnight car parking on any of our car parking sites that we own or manage. Northumberland NPA will be updating our current car parking web page to include information on motorhomes".

North York Moors National Park Home Page. Car Parks Page. Motorhome Parking Page.

Peak District National Park Home Page; Car Park Locations Page includes a note on motorhome parking.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Home Page. It is hoped that motorhome parking information can be added to the web site over winter 2013/4. A Parking Page has subsequently been created with a few extra details for Oriel y Parc and Carew Castle & Tidal Mill but nothing specific for motorhomes.

Snowdonia National Park Home Page. The NPA is looking at including information relating to parking of motorhomes on its website. In the meantime, the NPA has supplied a list of car parks, with number of spaces and grid reference (The document is presented here as a PDF which may need to be opened in Acrobat Reader if browser plug-in does not display it). Those highlighted in yellow are pay and display. The ones at Morfa Dyffryn, Llanelltyd and Farchynys have height restrictors and are not accessible to motorhomes. The NPA does not permit overnight stays in the car parks as it takes income away from local campsites. A Parking Page has subsequently been created but has nothing specific for motorhomes.

South Downs National Park Home Page. The NPA does not currently have plans to produce information about parking for day visitors in motor homes. However, there is a downloadable leaflet from the Car Parking link on the South Downs Way National Trail website detailing suitable car parks for horse boxes which would probably also be suitable for motor homes. Unlike other National Parks the South Downs NPA itself does not own or manage any car parks in the Park, therefore it is unlikely that the NPA would be able to add much to the information provided by local authorities in the area. The NPA is likely to be looking at the content of the website in the near future and will consider the idea of providing information for motor homes.

Yorkshire Dales National Park Home Page; Motorhome Parking Information.

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