Motorhome Parking - Nightstop letter example.

This is an example/template for sending to the Leader & Chief Executive of a council to encourage provision of motorhome nightstop facilities. It will carry most weight if a potential site has been identified and hard evidence of the potential benefits can be provided.

Dear Councillor ??????? and Chief Executive,

For almost 8 years now I have run a web site,, which seeks to inform people where they may park motorhomes safely and to direct them away from areas where they might have/cause problems. The web site is personally funded by myself and receives no sponsorship, corporate or otherwise.

Over that period I have received assistance in the form of information from your authority on a number of occasions so I am aware that daytime motorhome parking is possible at XXXXXXXXXX. It strikes me that there is an opportunity for your Council to generate extra revenue from under used resources at XXXXXXXXXX. I note that XXXXXXXXXX does not allow overnight habitation by motorhome owners and it strikes me that you might be missing out on a potential money-spinner for the Council and for local businesses.

My wife and I recently stayed in your council area for some 12 days, staying at temporary rally sites, but earlier this year we stopped at the motorhome stopover facility at New Dover Road P&R site at Canterbury for a couple of days, during a trip to the south east of England from our home in Middlesbrough. During those trips we worked out that we spent an average of about £XX a day in local shops, restaurants, pubs &c. I am struck by the historical similarities between your area and Canterbury and wondered whether any consideration had been given to extending the facilities for motorhomes at XXXXXXXXXX to allow overnight stays.

Whilst at Canterbury I took a few photos which I have put together in a small set of web pages at to show you what the stopover looks like. As you will see, the facilities are basic but perfectly adequate for touring motorhomes, which are self contained in terms of habitation facilities. The grey/black waste disposal is a simple manhole with a grate covering through which grey water can be poured directly. There are a couple of ropes attached to the grate which enables it to be lifted to one side for the disposal of chemical toilet contents. The water tap is a simple stand pipe. Whilst we were there, disposal of dry waste was via numerous general litter bins rather than a dedicated commercial bin. There is further information on the Canterbury City Council web site at

The photos were taken the day we arrived, there being a couple of transit vans (which left at the end of the day) as well as motorhomes because the P&R site is being expanded with extra car parking spaces. Several more motorhomes came in later and by the evening of the following day there were 12 motorhomes staying overnight. We left about 8:30am on the Friday but friends who left a couple of hours later said that 5 more motorhomes came after we had gone. So, the site is certainly well used. Given the attraction of XXXXXXXXXX for tourists it struck me that the Council might also be able to take advantage of attracting similar extra investment for local businesses.

I do hope that you will look favourably on this suggestion, at least to the extent of giving it some initial feasibility consideration. I should, of course, be happy to provide any assistance that I can.


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Last updated: 6 September 2014