Motorhome Parking in Northamptonshire.

The information is presented by local authority area.

Northamptonshire County Council; The County Council doesnít hold motorhome parking information available and, although desirable, current resources would not allow providing information on the website due to the amount of work that would be involved. The council is not aware of any specific restrictions or by-laws that apply to any laybyís within Northamptonshire so therefore there is nothing to stop someone parking a motorhome and sleeping in it overnight. Motorists should, however, always check for parking restriction signs before parking as these may limit the times and type of vehicle that can be parked. Country Parks Page; Motor homes are welcome to park in the council's country park car parks during daylight hours, but not for overnight stays (see details on the individual country park pages).

Corby Borough Council; Parking Page; Corby Borough Council control parking at Parkland Gateway in the Town Centre and at various other locations in Neighbourhood Shopping Precincts, Chapel Lane (Old Village), Studfall Avenue Shops, Farmstead Road Shops and Boden Close Shops, Pytchley Court and Parks, i.e. East Carlton Park, West Glebe Park, Rockingham Triangle etc. Within these parking areas no specific allocation is made for the parking of Motor Homes but equally they are not prevented from parking there, and there is likely adequate space to do so. At present the council does not have plans to publish motorhome parking information but this may change in the future. (Stated 13 September 2013). It appears that TROs do not allow the use of multiple bays so may be best to check with the council before parking.

Daventry District Council; Parking Page. See notes re lack of motorhome parking Here.

East Northamptonshire Council; Parking Page. The council has stated (27 September 2013) that apart from the height restrictions and the time restrictions on its car parks there are no other restrictions for parking motorhomes on its car parks. The car parks are free. With regards to the note "No HGVs" against some car parks this is aimed at lorries.

Kettering Borough Council; Parking Page. As the council's carparks are not suitable for motorhomes, there is no specific information on our website. If it is felt necessary, this may be advice which is included on the website in the future. (Stated 3 October 2013).

Northampton Borough Council; Parking Page. Find a Car Park Page see note re Midsummer Meadow car park at the foot of the page (prior arrangement required). Unfortunately, Midsummer Meadow car park will be closed from 20 July 2015 for around 12 months to allow for the construction of a bridge (see note at top of same page). On 22nd June 2015 the council stated that "Unfortunately there would be no other off-street car parks available during the close down and it is also highly unlikely that motor homes would be able to return to the new refurbished car park at midsummer meadow once reopened as it will be significantly different.". Best advice is to contact the council before visiting in a motorhome.

South Northamptonshire Borough Council; Parking Page. The council only has responsibility for one small car park in all of the district - Richmond Road - and it is too small for the parking of Motorhomes. The London Road car park is the Market Square car park, which is about to be reduced to 11 spaces, and is administered by the Highways Agency. The town centre car parking in Brackley is the responsibility of Northamptonshire County Council. (Stated 7 October 2013).

Towcester Race Course. An enquiry regarding motorhome parking was sent on 28 January 2014.

Wellingborough Borough Council; Parking Page. As the Council does not charge for car parking, street parking bays tend not to be marked and therefore motorhome parking should be possible. Most of the Council's car parks have height restraint barriers precluding motorhome parking. If access to council owned car parks is possible then no formal restrictions apply. (Stated 27 September 2013).

Doc Shop Factory Store, 71 High Street, Wollaston, Northants, NN29 7QE. Statement received 12 June 2015: "The Doc Shop has a large car park which isnít usually full so I am sure that you will be able to fit it there. If you are able to call the store on the morning you wish to visit, they may be able to reserve some spaces in the car park to make sure you fit! Their phone number is 01933 664 851.".

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