Motorhome Parking in Nottinghamshire.

The information is presented by local authority area.

Nottinghamshire County Council; Parking Page

Ashfield District Council; Parking Page. The TRO precludes motorhome parking in off street car parks unless they fit within a single marked bay.

Bassetlaw District Council; Parking Page. Information is provided (by links) for Retford & Worksop Car Parks and those pages indicate car parks suitable for motorhomes to use.

Broxtowe Borough Council; Parking Page. The Broxtowe Borough Council off-street parking place order does not permit vehicles over a certain heights and weight and unfortunately the majority of motorhomes will not fit into the private light goods vehicle parking bays. There are other issues in relations to safety, whereby high sided vehicles obscure sightlines, visibility splay for pedestrians and compromise sign visibility. Broxtowe Borough Council do not have any intention at the moment to accommodate motorhome parking within its public car parks.

Gedling Borough Council; Parking Page includes a note "None of the councils car parks are suitable for the parking of motor homes or other vehicle that cannot be parked wholly within a single marked bay.".

Mansfield District Council; Parking Page. There is a note under Victoria Street car park on the Council Car Parks Page saying that it is Suitable for larger vehicles.

Newark & Sherwood District Council; Parking Page. Notes against a number of car parks state "No height restriction but vehicles must be able to park within a parking bay". If there is doubt about being able to fit in a bay, best advice is to contact the council in advance of trying to park. Previous enquiries had received the response that it was possible for motorhomes to be parked in the lorry park situated at the rear of the Livestock market on the Great North Road. An enquiry was sent in February 2016 to check if that was still possible under the revised (2015) parking order. The following response was received on 24 February 2016: "You can still use the lorry park for your class weightage of vehicle (3500kg and over). You can park for 2 hours free just obtain a free ticket from the PD machine to the right of the wooden building on the left as you enter the Lorry Park and clearly display in your motorhome when parked. You can also stay overnight in the Lorry Park for a 24 hour period (for your class of vehicle named above) on obtaining a PD ticket again from the same machine, however there is now a charge of 12.50 for this. This charge will increase to 13.50 on 1st April, 2016.".

Southwell Race Course, Rolleston, Nottinghamshire, NG25 0TS. Statement 29 January 2014: "Unfortunately we have no facilities to be able to cater for motorhomes.".

Nottingham City Council; Parking Page Notes under individual car parks state that motor home parking is not available at any of the surface car parks (this is due to various factors including access and the ability to move safely within the site due to the way the parking spaces are positioned and the size of the vehicles involved); On Street Parking Page. Motor home parking is permitted within on-street parking pay and display bays (the council web site will be updated to include these details); Park & Ride Page. Queens Drive which is to the south of the City and the racecourse P&R which is to the east of the City, both can accommodate motorhomes (the council web site will be updated to include these details).

Courtaulds Factory Shop, Nottingham. An enquiry regarding motorhome parking was sent on 2 September 2013 but no reply has been received.

Nottingham Race Course. An enquiry regarding motorhome parking was sent on 28 January 2014.

Rushcliffe Borough Council; Parking Page. Statement October 2013: "The website information has not, at this time, been amended to include specific reference to parking of motor homes. The council is undertaking a review of off street parking across the borough in the early part of next year. This may lead to the requirement for a number of changes to the website information and an opportunity to review how that information is provided. This would seem to be an appropriate time to include information regarding motorhomes and any other items not currently featured." Best advice is to contact the council in advance of trying to park.

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