Motorhome Parking in (West) Sussex.

The information is presented by local authority area.

West Sussex County Council; Parking Page. The council previously published a page giving useful motorhome parking information but (against the trend these days) decided to remove it when the web site was streamlined.

Adur District Council; Parking Page. All car parks have height barriers which preclude motorhome parking; motorhomes are not allowed in the coach/lorry parks. (Stated 29 August 2013). Motorhome Parking Information.

Arun District Council; Parking Page; Other (including Motorhome) Parking Page.

Arundel Castle, Arundel, West Sussex, BN18 9AB. The Parking Page includes motorhome information.

Fontwell Park Race Course. An enquiry regarding motorhome parking was sent on 28 January 2014.

Chichester District Council; Parking Page. There are currently no specific motorhome bays within the car parks but the council is looking to introduce designated motorhome bays within the car park at Marine Drive, West Wittering, from summer 2014. There is a coach park within Chichester city, and the council has, in the past, directed motorhome drivers to the coach park, where, subject to available spaces, they could park. The council is looking to re-introduce this. Motorhome owners are able to park in any of the car parks subject to payment for all the bays used (and bearing in mind that there are height restriction barriers in some of the car parks). Publication of motorhome parking information on the website is under review (Stated 30 September 2013).

Goodwood Race Course. An enquiry regarding motorhome parking was sent on 28 January 2014.

West Wittering Beach, West Wittering Estate, West Wittering, Chichester, West Sussex. PO20 8AJ. The Parking Page doesn't mention motorhomes in the text but the photo on the page includes parked motorhomes.

Crawley Borough Council; Parking Page. Statement 4 December 2013: "All car parks have height barriers at 2.1 metres. There are no plans to publish information specially relating to Motorhomes."

Horsham District Council; Parking Page. The council provided the following information. The Hop Oast P&R car park is free; it does have a height barrier set at 2 metres but access can be gained through the exit. The rural car parks at Roffey & Warnham are free and have no restrictions/ height barriers. Other car parks have height barriers or are too small for safe access by motorhomes. (Stated 12 September 2013).

Lancing Parish Council; Home Page. Statement 9 January 2014: "Lancing Parish Council makes no provision for Motorhomes and there are height barriers on both car parks to prevent occupation by travellers."

Mid Sussex District Council; Parking Page. The council intends to publish information regarding the absence of facilities for motorhome parking information when the web site is updated (Stated 3 September 2013).

Borde Hill Garden, Borde Hill Lane, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 1XP. The following response to an enquiry was received on 20 January 2016: "We would very much like to be able to assist in this matter, but unfortunately our car park does become completely full on many days during the Garden open season, so space-wise it wouldn’t be viable. As well as the Garden this car park is used by several other businesses on the Borde Hill Estate so it can get quite congested. Also there are no outside facilities available I’m afraid.".

Worthing Borough Council; See Adur above.

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Last updated: 7 February 2016