Motorhome Parking at Supermarkets.

A couple of words of warning.
Before you leave your vehicle check to see if there are any notices in the car park displaying any other restrictions on parking.
Remember that when you park in a private car park (such as those owned by supermarkets) you are entering into a contract based on the conditions displayed and failure to comply with the conditions renders you liable to a charge for breach of contract (to which you have agreed by parking).
Some companies are now installing CCTV cameras, which use Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), in their carparks to identify vehicles that stay for more than a set time and then issue bills for staying too long.

Other Tips.
It is generally wise to avoid small car parks and those where it is dangerous to manoeuvre a large vehicle and to leave the vehicle in a lesser used area of a car park, where it is not in the way of other people and minimises any effects of multiple bay use.
From time to time enquiries/rumours arise on forums about supermarkets (especially Tesco on the grounds (whether true or not) that the Chief Exec owned a motorhome) allowing overnighting in their car parks. It may be that individual requests to store managers at the time might result in that being allowed but none of the companies have such a policy officially as doing so would require them to have caravan site licences for their car parks. See this brief analysis of the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960.

In February 2013 a thread on the Motorhome Fun forum discussed problems with having to park over several bays where restrictions are in place and the consequent risk of a penalty charge. Enquiries were made of each of the major supermarket chains as to whether they would relax restrictions on single bay usage for owners of large vehicles who are genuine customers.

Our parking controls (through ParkingEye) focus on length of time on site and whilst we want people to park within lines, our current system does not monitor that.
We happily welcome motor homes into all our stores but with an oversize vehicle obviously would appreciate you avoiding peak times as this could impede other shoppers.

Thank you for your email to Andy Clarke about the parking for motor homes in at our Asda stores. As part of Andy's team, I'm available on his behalf to respond to any customer issues.
I'm sorry you often find it difficult to park your motor home in our store car parks due to height restrictions and being unable to park in multiple bays. I can certainly understand how frustrating this must be for you and your wife, especially when you just need to call in quickly for some essentials.
We want our customer to be able to use our stores without any hassle. Some of our store car parks do have a height restriction on them and I'm sure you'll appreciate we are unable to remove these at the entrance on request.
Having said that, you would not be penalised for parking in our stores over more than one bay providing that this is not over our specialist bays. We would advise that this is, as you said in your email, towards the back or quieter areas of the car park.
Once again thank you for getting in touch and sharing your concerns. If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.

We refer to your most recent communication in relation to the parking facilities at our stores throughout the UK.
We have consulted with our colleagues in our Property Office and can confirm that our genuine customers should not be concerned due to the size of their larger vehicles providing that the vehicles are parked sensibly, even if this is over two spaces.
Should you experience any difficulties within our Store Car Parks in the future, please contact our Customer Service Department on the telephone number below, and we will endeavour to assist where possible.
We trust that you will continue to remain a valued Lidl customer.
Yours sincerely,
For and on behalf of Lidl UK GmbH
Customer Services
Tel: 0870 4441234

Thank you for contacting our Chief Executive, Dalton Philips, who has asked me to respond to you on his behalf.
I am very sorry to learn of the problems you are experiencing with regard to parking your motorhome in our car parks. Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience you have been caused.
Your concerns were escalated to our Regional Estates Manager who has advised that our car park restrictions are in place to ensure that sufficient spaces are available for our customers, whatever their vehicle size. We are therefore unable to accommodate your request for using multiple bays and I regret any disappointment this decision may cause you.
I do appreciate you bringing this matter to our attention and sincerely hope that it will not deter you from shopping with us in the future.

Morrisons were informed of the positive responses received from their competitors but have not replied.

Note: This response (and the correspondence on which it was based) relates only to those car parks which have restrictions, not to unrestricted car parks.

Thank you for your email about our store car parks. I understand your concern over the use of multiple bays for motor homes and I am grateful for this opportunity to explain.
We always aim to provide the facilities our customers require to make their shopping trips easy and enjoyable. We currently offer motor home parking bays at stores which are in popular tourist locations. Where we do not have dedicated parking bays for motor homes available, our customers are welcome to park their vehicles across multiple bays in a manner that is considerate to others.
Should a customer require more than one parking bay for their motor home, we ask that this does not block the circulation routes within or access to the car park. Upon entrance to the store please make our customer service colleagues aware of your requirements and they will ensure a penalty charge notice is not issued.
I am grateful to you for taking the time to contact me and hope I have reassured you of our commitment to our customers. We look forward to seeing you in store again soon.

Please accept my apologies in the delay in replying and I thank you for your patience whilst I investigated this for you.
I have spoken with a member of our Car Park and External Space Team who explained our position with regards to your concerns.
We appreciate that our customers have many different modes of transport, whether that be car, foot, public transport and larger vehicles, such as motor homes. Although we have signs in place, we take each customer circumstances into consideration.
The Car Parks Governance has highlighted this issue in a number of stores and is working on a solution. However, in order to get an accurate resolution we expect this to take some time. Different solutions being reviewed include re-introduction of Marshals, technology solution installation and / or store self-ticketing.
I want to assure you that we are reviewing the car park management systems and hope to offer suitable alternatives and solutions in the future. Thank you for your comments and for bringing this to the attention of our Chief Executive's office.

Clarification was sought as to the situation whilst the review is ongoing, with the following result:
I can confirm that we are working on introducing a new policy which would be for stores nationwide. However in the meantime we will take each of our customerís situations into consideration and we are relaying that message to our stores currently so you do not receive differing rules depending on which store you visit.
Please feel free to print a copy of our conversation and take it with you on your trips to any of our stores, in case you are challenged by a member of staff, because not every store is aware that we are currently changing the policy.

Thank you for your email of 3rd February to our Managing Director, Mark Price, which has been passed to me to respond on his behalf.
I was sorry to learn of the frustrations you have faced as a motor home owner when using our car parks.
The majority of our car parks are managed by a third party company, so we are unfortunately unable to comment on the restrictions that are currently in place.
If there is a particular branch that you visit regularly I would suggest discussing this matter with a member of the Branch Management team to see if they are able to offer a resolution.
Please visit to find your local branch using our branch finder facility.
I really appreciate you taking the time to contact us with your concerns and for giving me the opportunity to clarify our position and I hope we may look forward to the continued privilege of your custom in the future.

Waitrose were informed that it was disappointing that they are unable to comment merely because the "car parks are managed by a third party company", as that is the same for other companies which have responded that they are happy to accommodate motorhomes and have no qualms about the use of multiple bays.

Waitrose response was:
Thank you for your return email of 13th February. I was sorry to learn that you were disappointed with my response and I apologise for the additional trouble you have been caused in having to write to me again. I hope you will appreciate that we cannot offer a response for all of our branches as the majority of our car parks are owned by third party companies. However, I can assure you that our branches are always keen to accommodate our customers requests and will be happy to advise you of their decision on this matter when approached. I hope we may look forward to your continued custom.

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