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Below are links to the web sites of Public Bodies & Charities with a tourism aspect which either publish motorhome parking information or provided information when contacted.

Note that, except where explicitly stated, information given applies to daytime parking only. Owners of attractions are required to comply with the requirements of the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960, just like anyone else, so any arrangements to stay overnight would need to be negotiated in advance. Overnighting without permission, ignoring signs banning overnighting (or, even worse, destroying such signs as has happened repeatedly in some places) will - and has - only lead to daytime parking for motorhomes being prevented by barriers.

It is worth bearing in mind that some attractions (especially smaller ones) are unable to offer parking for large vehicles as their premises are simply too small. However, there may be alternative parking nearby so it may be worth checking before visiting. In addition, some of the more remote car parks are accessed by narrow, steep and winding roads which some drivers may find a challenge.

Where parking is provided, bear in mind that it is designed for use by customers of the organisation concerned and not for the convenience of people visiting the general area. Ensure that vehicles are parked in accordance with any requirements of the site owner in order to avoid any extra parking charge. Whilst penalty charges can not be levied in private car parks a contractual relationship is entered into and any regular abuse by motorhome owners is likely to lead to facilities being withdrawn.

UK wide.

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Home Page. Facilities pages for individual nature reserves provide details of where parking is available and any height restrictions. However, further research has established that, even without height restrictions, some of the car parks are too small to be practical for parking all but the smallest motorhomes. Some car parks are shared with/owned by other organisations which might impose restrictions not noted so it is worth checking in advance.

Wildfowl & Wetland Trust Home Page. An enquiry regarding motorhome parking was sent on 19 January 2016, to which the following replies were received. Note that parking is provided only for visitors to the sites not general parking whilst people go elsewhere.
Slimbridge - "It is possible to park small-medium motorhomes in our car park at WWT Slimbridge during the day time, larger ones may need to borrow a coach space.".
London - "Much the same at the London centre as at Slimbridge. Small/medium motorhomes should be no problem but larger vehicles might need a coach space. With larger motorhomes, we'd appreciate if visitors could give us a quick call on 0208 409 4400 / email us via in advance of a visit. We have several coach bays but there might just be the very odd day where these are all booked up for school visits, group visits etc."
Llanelli - "We have a reasonably large private car park available for the use of our visitors during normal opening hours, i.e. 9.30am – 5.00pm (6pm end of March to end of October), seven days a week. We are open 363 days a year, closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day only. Please note we do not have hook-ups, water or drainage facilities as we simply have car parking facilities. During busy summer periods and bank holidays you may find parking/turning space limited. There would be room for larger units. During term-time we do have coaches bringing school children to visit but this shouldn’t be a problem for motor-home users. We do not have specific coach parking or larger marked bays. Coaches simply park across the car parking bays."
Caerlaverock - "We have parking space for motorhomes during the day".
Marton Mere - "Yes, no problem to park Motorhomes in the main car park here at Martin Mere."
Washington - "It is possible to park small-medium motorhomes in the car park whilst visiting WWT Washington, as with WWT Slimbridge larger motorhomes would need to use a coach space. If someone with a large motorhome is intending on visiting the centre they can always contact us beforehand so we can let them know if any coach spaces are available."
Arundel - "All paying visitors or visiting WWT members are entitled to use one parking bay in the Arundel Wetland Centre car park while they are inside the attraction building, grounds and reserve if there are spaces available. The car park opens at 9.30 am and is locked at 4:30 pm in autumn/winter and 5.30 pm is spring/summer. During busy periods car park attendants are on duty. Our 140 parking bays each measure 7 feet wide x 16 feet long. Vehicles longer than 16 feet cannot be accommodated in regular bays in our car park. Vehicles up to 18 feet long may be accommodated in one row made up of 10 bays – this is the row parallel to the open field used by grounds staff for green waste disposal. (Some of these bays are closed when in use by the grounds team.) We ask people to limit their stay in our car park to the time they are inside the buildings, grounds and reserve of Arundel Wetland Centre. Motor homes and campers may park on the right hand side of Mill Road as you approach Arundel Wetland Centre. These parking spaces on the road are popular with visitors to the Arundel area so we recommend you arrive very early on the day. There is no parking on the left hand side of Mill Road or on the double yellow lines along Mill Road past the Mill Creek Bridge. This is strongly enforced by the council. Call us on 01903 881530 and ask for the LINK manager for up to date advice on daily use of our car park and parking availability."
Welney - "I can confirm that it is possible to park a motorhome at the Welney WWT car park during the day. Larger motorhomes may need to use a coach space".


Forestry Commission England Home Page. Statement from the Forestry Commission: "The Forestry Commission publishes general parking information at its visitor centres on our website. I don't believe there are plans to publish a specific list of sites accessible for motor homes. People tend to phone the visitors centre in advance to check on occasion, I believe, before visiting."

English Heritage Home Page. The property managers have been asked (September 2013) to provide more detailed motorhome parking information on the EH website. A check on 18 December 2015 (using the rather unfriendly search facility) found that such information was impossible to find if, indeed, any has actually been added.

National Trust Home Page. Statement October 2013 - "The NT doesn’t currently collect this specific information centrally, but is hoping to improve the search facility on the website over the coming year to include car park information among other things, and will need to look at a range of filters that visitors may wish to search on. In the meantime, each of the NT places has a facilities and access page on the website, where they can add car park information themselves, and have been encouraged to add motorhome information if they have it.". A search at that time revealed that only 2 properties, Felbrigg Hall and Coughton Court, included brief statements. A check on 18 December 2015 (using the rather unfriendly search facility) found that they had been joined in the meantime by only one other, The White Cliffs of Dover.

Natural England Home Page. The content and location of the current NNR webpages is under review (October 2013), so we will look again at them in the next 6 months and where it's appropriate we will endeavour to highlight the accessibility/space available at our car parks.

Accredited country parks in England. This is a Natural England web page which provides links to the web sites of accredited country parks, many (but not all) of which allow parking by visitors in motorhomes. Parking details are provided on the web sites of the individual parks.


Forestry Commission Scotland Home Page. FCS provided the following statement. Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) car parks are provided for day visitors who wish to enjoy the forest environment or take part in an activity in accordance with the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. They are not available for camping or overnight stays. The car parks are generally gravel surfaces with no delineated bays excepting where there are dedicated all ability parking bays for blue badge holders. Parking charges apply at larger busy sites including visitor centres. Terms and conditions for charges are provide on these sites including details of the tariffs. Parking within Scotland's national forest estate is consented by the FCS as land manager. Care should be taken not to cause obstructions especially at forest entrances which will cause difficulties for large timber lorries and access by emergency vehicles. We work closely with Scottish Natural Heritage in how we interpret access policy and manage access on Scotland's national forest estate. SNH have suggested that the guidance published at This Website may be helpful. We don't have any immediate plans to publish details for motorhomes owners on the FC website.

National Trust for Scotland Home Page. Information received 10 February 2014: Motorhome parking was discussed by our Senior Management Team this morning and they have determined that we are unable to have a standardised position in relation to motorhome access because each property is different, with varied access and facilities. We strongly encourage enquirers to contact the property concerned. Property staff will assess whether they can accommodate motorhomes locally and where appropriate assist with access.

Scottish Natural Heritage Home Page. As there is such a variety of vehicle sizes, rather than suggesting whether reserves are suitable for motorhomes, SNH is updating the direction pages for reserves on the Scotland's National Nature Reserves web site to include information on any height and width restrictions in place. As of 18th December 2013 this had been accomplished for the majority of reserves and the few remaining ones will be processed in the New Year


CADW Home Page. CADW is considering how it can accommodate the information on day parking for motorhomes on its website. In the meantime the best advice which can be given is to make a specific enquiry before visiting a property.

Natural Resources Wales Home Page. Statement 23 October 2013 (to be updated): Garwnant Visitor Centre is fully accessible; Coed y Brenin Visitor Centre - there is a tight bend but a single-story bus manages to negotiate it - so as long as spaces are available a large motorhome could theoretically park there.; Bwlch Nant yr Arian Visitor Centre - same as Coed y Brenin; Brynffo car park - Crychan Forest and Penyffordd car park - Dyfnant Forest both cater for large horse boxes so can accommodate most sized motorhomes.
As far as National Nature Reserves go: Ynyslas - but not for very large vehicles and the surface is sand; Newport Wetlands; Cors y Llyn only for small vehicles; Merthyr Mawr for small and medium sized; Ogof Ffynon Ddu although last 200m a little rough; Cors Caron
I am seeking clarification on the following sites from the managers concerned: Newborough Beach car park - suspect ok but there are speed bumps on the long tarmaced entrance drive which could be a problem; Newborough Malltraeth car park - horse box bays provided - are they ok for motorhomes to use; Beddgelert Forest car park - same query as Newborough; Cae'n y Coed - Gwydyr Forest - ok?; Coed Moel Famau car park - ok?; Bod Petrual - Clocaenog - small to medium?; Hafren Forest car park - small to medium?; Hafod - small to medium?; Dinas Rock car park - Pontneddfechan- small to medium?; Gwaun Hepste - Brecon Beacons Waterfalls car park - ok?; Whitestone - Wye Valley-" ok?; Byrgwm - Brechfa Forest - small to medium?; Cwmcarn Forest Drive and visitor centre - ok?; Afan Forest Park visitor centre - small to medium?

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