Motorhome Parking in Tyne & Wear.

The information is presented by local authority area.

Gateshead Council; Parking Page. There are currently no motorhome parking spaces but the council intends to examine the feasibility of creating some and will include information on the web site if that happens. Gateshead council has clarified that the whole of a vehicle (not just its wheels) must be within the bay markings. Until information is published it is best to check before parking.

intu Metrocentre, Gateshead. Statement 14 February 2014: "We are more than happy to accommodate motorhome drivers who are visiting our centre. In order to minimise any issues regarding motorhome drivers encountering difficulties they would have to park in our coach park. The coach park can be accessed via A1114 Riverside Way and is open from the early hours of the morning until approximately midnight, there are no restrictions such a height barriers or bans on parking over multiple bays, the only restriction we have in place is that the coach park cannot be used as a place to park overnight.".

Newcastle City Council; Parking Page; Motorhome Parking Information.

Newcastle Race Course. An enquiry regarding motorhome parking was sent on 28 January 2014.

North Tyneside Council; Parking Page. North Tyneside Council do not have any bays in their car parks that have been marked for the specific use of Motorhomes. If a vehicle is too large to fit within a marked bay, then we enable vehicles to encroach into adjacent bays provided that they obtain a parking ticket for each bay that the vehicle encroaches into. (Statement made 9 October 2013). Some car parks are restricted to cars & light vans only - see the Tariffs Page - so safest to stick to other car parks unless a specific check is made first.

Royal Quays Outlet Centre, North Shields, North Tyneside; 740 space car park; We have always welcomed motor homes to site but have never advertised it on our website. There are height restriction barriers on our car parks but they are open during the centre's trading houses. Information should be published on the website within the next few weeks (stated 2 September 2013).

South Tyneside Council; Parking Page; Motorhome Parking Page.

Sunderland City Council; Parking Page. Sunderland City Council intend to review the content of the Parking web page in the near future and as part of that process will look at including information in relation to Motor Home parking. (Statement made 1 October 2013). Until information is published it is best to check before parking.

The Galleries, Washington NE38 7RW. An enquiry regarding motorhome parking was sent on 19 November 2015 but no reply has been received (only several read receipts).

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