Motorhome Parking - Wales.

Where there are no notes against an entry for a council and no specific motorhome page link is given, the best advice is to contact the council before attempting to park.

Isle of Anglesey Council; Parking Page. Statement 4 September 2013: "The Authority is currently reviewing the information provided on its web site in relation to its parking facilities. Details regarding pay and display car parks will shortly be made available and in order to facilitate the location of these sites, the nearest postcode will be published. In relation to motorhomes, the presence of any height restriction barriers will also be included together with details prohibiting overnight camping. Following the publication of the above, the Authority will provide similar information regarding its free parking sites which will include details relevant to motorhome parking.". A check on 20 January 2014 found that the information for P&D car parks had been added to the web site.

Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council; Home Page; Statement October 2013: "The only specific instance for parking motor homes is Bryn Bach Park, Tredegar and no charges are made. There is no specific policy to allow use of double bays in our car parks for motor homes."

Festival Park Outlet Shopping Village, Ebbw Vale, Blaenau Gwent. Statement 18 February 2014: "Unfortunately we do not have specific parking at the Centre for Motorhomes.".

Bridgend County Borough Council; Parking Page. There is no current intention to provide any specific data on motorhome parking. However, the council has said there is no specific restriction for Motorhomes, the only restriction is for vehicles with gross laden weight in excess of 3.5 Tonnes (and no sleeping, camping, or cooking, nor to light any fire). Nothing in the orders relate to size of vehicles, the restriction would be only those of the actual car park itself. The council tends to have a policy that if using more than 1 bay then pay for the 2, however at Rest Bay this cannot apply as there are no such bays and the order says vehicles should park so as not to cause obstruction. (Stated 9 September 2013).

Designer Outlet, Bridgend. An enquiry regarding motorhome parking was sent on 2 September 2013 but no reply has been received.

Caerphilly County Borough Council; Parking Page. Statement October 2013: "The authority does not have any designated provision for motor home parking in their highway owned public car parks. The authority does not have any plans to change existing car park orders to accommodate motor homes. We used the word 'designated', as small motorhomes such as a VW camper would probably fit in the bays in all of our car parks, where as a larger motorhome would not. There are currently no plans to publicise motorhome parking information in the future. For clarification, we do not permit the use of multiple parking bays for large vehicles.".

Cardiff City Council; Parking Page; There are Regulated (Pay & Display) car parks (Castle Mews, Havannah Street (24 hour), Heath Park, Llandaff High Street, North Road, Sophia Gardens (24 hour), The Barrage) and Unregulated car parks (Gray Street, Harvey Street, Leckwith Road, Merthyr Road, Severn Road, Victoria Road, Wellington Street) none of which have height barriers. However, within the regulated car parks (Pay and Display) it is an offence to park outside of a marked space. There is no provision within the Traffic Orders to allow a vehicle to straddle more than one bay and display more than one pay and display ticket.  Therefore the vehicle would have to be one that fitted into a space. Car parks are constructed to planning guidelines and spaces are usually marked as standard – 4.8m x 2.4 for end on spaces or 6.00 x 2.4m for parallel spaces. If the motorhome can fit into a bay, motorhomes can park in the same way as other vehicles during regulated hours. Outside of these hours or in unregulated car parks the offence of parking outside of a bay does not occur, although the vehicle should still be parked responsibly. (Stated 22 October 2013). There are no plans to publish information on the council's website regarding motorhome parking or about any other specific class of private vehicle (Stated 13 November 2013).; Park & Ride Page. The FAQ pages for each P&R site include motorhome parking information.

St Fagans National History Museum, Cardiff, CF5 6XB; Home Page. The following information was received on 29 February 2016: "Visitors to St Fagans National History Museum can park for £5 between 10am and 5pm. We have a large car park, it's a very busy Museum and parking is on a first come basis. Motorhomes are shown where to park on busy days by a parking assistant, otherwise there is ample room to park..".

National Museum Cardiff; Home Page. The following information was received on 18 April 2016: "National Museum Cardiff is located in the civic centre, just a few minutes’ walk from the city centre shops, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff Castle etc. There is on-street parking available around the civic centre looked after by Cardiff Council and there is also a small visitor car park located at the back of the museum for visitor use. Camper vans / motor homes are welcome to use the museum car park but there are limitations due to the nature of the car park and its access. First of all, cars must drive through a barrier at the entrance, vehicles wider than a standard transit van may struggle with this. There is no coach parking in our car park (and they wouldn’t get through the entry barrier), instead it is laid out in parking bays for regular size cars. Therefore, any vehicle which can fit into a regular size parking bay is welcome to use our car park, but vehicles any bigger should use on-street parking.".

Carmarthenshire County Council; Parking Page. Statement October 2013: "None of the County Council’s town centre pay and display car parks in the towns Carmarthen, Llanelli, Ammanford, Llendeilo, Llandovery, Newcastle Emlyn and St Clears have parking bays specifically designated for motorhome vehicles. The traffic orders for these town centre car parks are effective from 0800 to 1800. The County Council has no proposals to publish the facilities available for motor home users. For those town centre car parks subject to a regulation order there is a ban of vehicles/trailers weighing more than 3500kg gross weight. In respect of the use of vehicles and trailers in those car parks subject to a regulation order (0800 to 1800), it is not permitted to use a vehicle or a trailer as a dwelling or for any domestic or sanitary purpose. In respect of those car parks subject to a regulation order vehicles must park within marked bays as per the regulation order, and must pay for every bay used. Those car parks subject to a regulation order (0800 to 1900) prohibit entry to vehicles over 2m high." The best advice to anyone needing to park is to make a specific enquiry of the council before doing so. Park & Ride Page.
The council run Millennium Coastal Park has both long and short stay car parks, most of which are suitable for motorhomes.

Ffos Las Race Course, Trimsaran, Carmarthenshire, SA17 4DE. Statement 28 January 2014: "Here at Ffos Las we have no height barriers or any other parking restrictions, however, we do request that motor home owners contact us prior to the raceday so we are made aware of their arrival. It is free to stay here over night in the motorhome, although we do not have any facilities such as public toilets etc. ".

Ceredigion County Council; Parking Page; The Car Park Charges document contains information for "Caravanettes". The council is looking into potential changes to parking provision and how to publish information for motorhome parking (Stated 30 August 2013); best advice to anyone needing to park in the meantime is to check with the council before doing so.

Conwy Borough Council; Parking Page. The only place where "Campervans" is specifically mentioned is Morfa Bach in Conwy. Statement 23 January 2014: "The Morfa Bach car park has specific marked bays for this class of vehicle. We would advise anyone visiting the area that has a motorhome to contact Parking Services in advance, as we can give consideration to them using other facilities in the area provided that they are not using the car park for overnight camping.".

Denbighshire Council; Parking Page. Statement 11 December 2013: "There is no current intention to provide any specific data on motorhome parking. However, there is no specific restriction for Motorhomes parking during daylight hours. There is a provision in all car park orders detailing: No person shall use any part of a Parking Place or any vehicle left in a Parking Place:- (a) for sleeping or camping purposes or (b) for cooking purposes. The council tends to have a policy that if using more than 1 bay then each bay occupied should be paid for and vehicles should park so as not to cause obstruction.". Statement 12 December 2013: "Motor homes are permitted to park on-street in Denbighshire subject to compliance with any parking restrictions which are in force, and in those Council owned and operated off-street car parks except for those fitted with height barriers. Car Parks without barriers are - Morley Rd Car Park - Rhyl; Kings Avenue - Prestatyn; Fern Avenue - Prestatyn; Market St - Llangollen; Park Road - Ruthin; Vale St - Denbigh".

Bodelwyddan Castle, Bodelwyddan, Rhyl, Denbighshire, LL18 5YA; Home Page. The following information was received on 29 February 2016: "Our car park is for paying visitors to Bodelwyddan Castle & Park only. We are happy for people to park in the car park during the day if they are purchasing tickets to the site but unfortunately if no ticket is purchased, we cannot allow parking during the day.".

Flintshire County Council; Parking Page. Although height & weight limits are given for each car park there is no specific information provided regarding parking within bays. On 28 January 2014 a request was sent to the council for clarification of information given by the tourism office regarding use of multiple bays. The council replied on 29 January 2014 with the following advice from the Parking Office: "The Flintshire County Council (Off-Street Parking Places, Mold) (Civil Enforcement and Consolidation) Order 2013 states that light goods vehicles may park in accordance with the Schedule or where specifically advertised on site. The interpretation for a 'light goods' vehicle means a vehicle which is constructed or adapted for use for the carriage of goods or burden of any description, the overall height of which does not exceed 1.85 metres and unladen weight of which does not exceed 2540 kilograms and is not drawing a trailer. The tourist information assistant which phoned asked if a vehicle could park across bays, we explained that vehicles which are wider than a bay are not permitted to park however, should a vehicle be longer than a bay we will accept them parking in two elongated bays, purchasing a ticket for both bays.".

Gwynedd Council; Parking Page. On 9 September 2015 the council stated that, although it has no dedicated provision for motorhomes, it "welcomes all classes of vehicles to use our car parks, including motorhomes, as long as users comply with the "terms and conditions". Unfortunately the "terms and conditions" are not published on the council's web site so the best advice to anyone needing to park in the meantime is to check with the council before doing so.
The Slate Quay car park at Caernarfon (owned by the Caernarfon Harbour Trust) allows motorhome parking during the daytime.

Portmeirion Village, Minffordd, Penrhyndeudraeth, Gwynedd, LL48 6ER. An enquiry regarding motorhome parking was sent on 19 November 2015 but no reply has been received.

Snowdon Mountain Railway, Llanberis, Gwynedd, LL55 4TY . Statement 9 October 2014: "We do not currently have motorhome parking information on our web site and as such we will look to review this prior to opening for the 2015 season. The railway actually closes at the end of this month so we will have time to work on information before next season.".

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council; Parking Page. Statement 23 December 2013: "Currently the Council does not have any publications in relation to motor home parking information. However, we are currently looking at creating a parking strategy where matters relating to parking will be set out in a framework detailing the Councils, aims, objectives and preferred strategic approach. The document will also include subjects such as communication, allocation, accessibility, etc. Once completed this document will be available to the public. Unfortunately at this present time, we do not have a confirmed publication date, but it is proposed to be completed by early Spring.". Best advice to anyone needing to park in the meantime is to check with the council before doing so.

Monmouthshire County Council; Parking Page. The council will be updating its website shortly to advise motorhome drivers to contact the Car Parking Section for advice on where and when they can park. Our reason for doing this is that because of a range of different circumstances from known events i.e. market days, funfairs to one off events - such as BBC storing vehicles when filming a tv series, that trying to indicate this on a list would not be practical. (Stated 30 September 2013).

Chepstow Race Course. An enquiry regarding motorhome parking was sent on 28 January 2014.

Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council; Parking Page. The council advises that the following car parks would be suitable for motorhomes as the other car parks have either entrance issues or height restrictors: Station Road car park, Port Talbot (excluding Monday & Saturdays as there is a market on the car park); Milland Road, Neath; By-pass car park, Pontardawe; Bay View car park, Aberavon Seafront. (Stated 2 October 2013).

Newport City Council; Parking Page. Enquiry of the council resulted only in vague responses indicating that if motorhome parking were permitted in pay & display car parks then it "would no doubt be confirmed within the “Terms and Conditions” which would be displayed at the meters since within many such car parks the overnight parking of Motorhomes is definitely not permitted.". The best advice that can be given is to make specific enquiry of the council.

Pembrokeshire County Council; Parking Page; Motorhome Parking.
Saundersfoot; The Harbour web site contains details of daytime motorhome parking facilities.

Powys Council; Find a Car Park Page. The pages for each town indicate those sites which allow parking by just motor cars or all vehicles (which includes motorhomes). Charges are shown on the Standard Charges Page. The TROs allow motorhome overnight parking for 1 night in 7 but this is no longer indicated on the web site. A request was sent for the information to be reinstated. In response the council stated (15 October 2014) that the outstanding revisions would be completed “as soon as possible”. The council also provided a document detailing Charges at Long-Stay P&D car parks which may be suitable for Motorhomes. The document is available in PDF form Here.

Rhondda Cynon Taff Council; Parking Page. At present there are no facilities for the parking of Motorhomes etc in Council controlled car parks. (Stated 10 October 2013).

Swansea City Council; Parking Page; Park & Ride Page. No details are given of height restrictions so presumably there are still no barriers to motorhomes using P&R sites. The council is looking at providing motorhome parking information on its web site. (Stated 27 September 2013).

Torfaen County Borough Council; Parking Page. The Authority do not currently operate any formal parking arrangements to designate certain areas within the Borough for certain classifications of vehicles i.e. motorhomes/caravans. They recommend that people wishing to park motorhomes contact officers to seek further clarification in advance. (Stated 20 September 2013).

Big Pit National Coal MuseumBlaenafon, Torfaen, NP4 9XP; Home Page. An enquiry made on 17 January 2016 received the almost immediate reply "Yes we do have space for motorhome day parking at Big Pit National Coal Museum.".

Vale of Glamorgan Council; Parking Page. The council has no information relating to where motorhomes can park and there is no intention to publish any information; best advice to anyone needing to park is to check before doing so. (Stated 29 August 2013).

Wrexham County Borough Council; Parking Page. Town Centre Map and Car Parking Facilities Page. The Parking Services Page contains a statement "For motorhome parking - please contact parking services".

Bangor-On-Dee Race Course. An enquiry regarding motorhome parking was sent on 28 January 2014.

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