Motorhome Parking at Water Company Tourist Sites.

Note: Opening times are restricted at some sites so it is worth checking first before setting out.
It is also worth bearing in mind that some water company car parks are accessed by narrow, steep and winding roads which some drivers may find a challenge.

Anglian Water General advice and information on activities at Waterparks; Parking Page including notes on Parking for Motorhomes.

Bristol Water Home Page. Motorhomes are welcome and often visit the Company’s sites at Woodford Lodge, and at the Picnic areas at Chew Valley Lake. It is safe and legal for motorhomes to visit these car parks, however, there are no special facilities provided and overnight parking is not permitted because the sites are locked overnight. We do not think it is necessary to publish any specific motorhome information on our website.

Northumbrian Water Home Page. Motorhomes are allowed to park during the day on leisure sites.

Severn Trent Water Home Page. The company will be looking at improving the information provided to motorhome drivers around access/ parking, etc and will ensure any improvements are made well in advance of the 2014 season.

South East Water Home Page. The company does not have any reservoir sites with motorhome facilities. Motorhomes are able to access the public car park at Ardingly, but not at Arlington as this has a barrier. For Arlington, motorhomes do use the layby across the road from the entrance to the public car park which has no height restrictions.

South Staffs Water Home Page. The company is looking into its sites to confirm what, if any, parking arrangements there may be. Following this review providing public information on the company web site will be carefully considered.

South West Lakes Trust Home Page. An enquiry about motorhome parking sent on 1 October 2013 was deleted without being read. However, subsequent research has found that some car parks are accessible for motorhomes at Tamar Lakes Country Park (4.5m height barrier), Colliford Lake, Roadford Lake, Burrator Reservoir, Trenchford Reservoir and Meldon Reservoir.

Southern Water Home Page. No on-site public parking is available at Darwell reservoir or at the Brighton Sewer Tours attraction. The car park at Testwood Lakes has a 1.9m height barrier which may be able to be removed for visitors phoning ahead on 02380 667929. At Powdermill reservoir, the car park is leased to Hastings Fly Fishers' Club for use by those using the fishing facilities only. Narrow country lanes in this area may prove difficult for large vehicles to negotiate. Motorhome parking is available for day visitors at Bewl Water, Twyford Waterworks, Weir Wood reservoir and the Brede heritage site. Some leisure facilities are available on certain days and at certain times of the year only. Visitors should check opening days and times before setting out. Southern Water will add this information to its web site.

Thames Water Home Page. An enquiry regarding motorhome parking was sent on 1 October 2013 but no reply has been received.

United Utilities Home Page. The recreation pages of the web site note where there are car parks but the company has advised that size varies so some are unsuitable for large vehicles. The company has also experienced some motorhome owners using toilet blocks on car parks to empty sanitary tanks as well as problems with litter so, understandably, the company does not wish to advertise which car parks are suitable for motorhomes more clearly. The best advice is to make a specific enquiry if wishing to visit a particular site.

Welsh Water Home Page. In a statement the company said: We will look to include this information as we set about the task of updating our main web site and as we start to create satellite websites to the Dwr Cymru Welsh Water site. These satellite sites will be for each of our venues where we actively provide for public access, and this is where we can be clearer about the facilities for motor homes. With regards to a timescale to achieve this, I believe we are working towards having the new sites in place by the end of 2014.

Wessex Water Home Page. An enquiry regarding motorhome parking was sent on 28 September 2013 but no reply has been received. However, subsequent research has found that some car parks are accessible for motorhomes at Blashford Lakes and Clatworthy Reservoir.

Yorkshire Water Home Page. The Parking Facilities notes and associated PDF download include information for high sided vehicles.

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